Mergers & Acquisitions

The sale, purchase, or merger of a business is a complex legal transaction that requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. Vantage Point Legal Services, PLLC can assist you throughout the process of buying or selling a business, or merging with another company. We can assist you through all phases of the process ‒ from the initial letter of intent to the final agreement.

A successful merger or acquisition requires forward thinking and careful drafting.  This can protect you not only during the transaction, but from conflicts or legal issues as well.  Accordingly, we take a long-term view of the transaction and carefully plan for problems that may arise down the road.  We take the time to discuss your particular needs and circumstances, and work diligently to protect your interests.  Our mergers and acquisition services include:

  • Providing counsel and other assistance
  • Drafting an initial letter of intent
  • Performing due diligence during the merger or acquisition process
  • Drafting and reviewing legal documents and agreements
  • Structuring the transaction
  • Negotiating the transaction
  • Closing the transaction


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